A Scalable Solution to Screen Large Population Groups for Early Detection of Health Risks

Among the participants in The Metabolic Syndrome Test, a program
delivered to citizens through the Longevity Pharmacy® by
SoLongevity and Genoa Municipal Pharmacies, 90% were identified
as at-risk patients.

This notable observation was made during the Silver Economy Forum, where there was
substantial engagement in this new screening and active prevention service, a part of the
Longevity Pharmacy® initiative.
The free test, which involved over 100 participants aged over 60, was well-received.
However, it revealed concerning data that surpass national statistical thresholds, including a
68% risk for cardiovascular issues. SoLongevity, a pioneer in the longevity sector, in
partnership with Genoa Municipal Pharmacies, an enterprise of the Genoa Municipality,
designed the program to enhance citizens’ health. It aims to detect, via specific tests,
potential conditions that could lead to chronic diseases.

On December 6, 2023, in Genoa, it was disclosed that among the participants over 60 who
underwent screening, 90% are at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome, 68% are at
cardiovascular risk, and 59.6% have a significant level of hypertension.
This data of great importance for public health has emerged from the Silver Economy Forum,
an event dedicated to scientific research aimed at improving quality of life and longevity,
held in Genoa in November. This was revealed by SoLongevity (www.solongevity.com), an
innovative entity operating in the longevity sector, which, in collaboration with Genoa
Municipal Pharmacies (https://www.farmaciegenovesi.it/), a company fully owned by the
Municipality of Genoa with nine pharmacies in the Genoa area, previewed to the Forum
visitors a screening service to assess metabolic and cardiocirculatory risk free of charge.
This screening is a component of the more extensive Longevity Pharmacy® program, which
provides citizens with various rapid services to promote health in an easy, accessible, and
personalized manner. The program’s objective is to initiate personalized prevention and
foster behaviours and awareness to prevent the most common chronic diseases in the
Currently available at the Quinto municipal pharmacy, this screening initiative is a
collaborative effort between Genoa Municipal Pharmacies and the Municipality of Genoa,
with plans to expand it to other locations within their network.

The Outcomes of the Screenings
The results of the over 100 screenings, conducted on men and women aged over 60, reveal
that 90% of the test participants are at risk of Metabolic Syndrome and 68% at
cardiovascular risk. While national statistics place 43-45% of the population in this age group
at metabolic risk, the Forum recorded figures reaching 50%, with 39% of subjects in a
borderline condition, meaning on the verge of developing the condition, totaling nearly 9
out of 10 people at metabolic risk. Of the examined population, men are 40%
overrepresented at borderline metabolic risk level, while women are 30% overrepresented
with an active Metabolic Syndrome level. In some way, the women analysed are thus in a
more advanced pathological progression compared to men. Furthermore, 68.3% of the
examined population presents a cardiovascular condition at risk. Men, in particular, are
overexposed (+32%) to the highest levels of cardiovascular risk, while women are
overexposed (+24%) in prodromal conditions, which precede cardiovascular risk. The
screenings combine the current state of a series of basic health parameters such as blood
pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, body mass index, and blood sugar levels. The screening
shows that 59.6% of the sample has a significant level of hypertension; 60.6% have
abnormal blood sugar levels; 57.7% have high cholesterol, and finally, 35.6% of the sample is
overweight or obese. This is concerning data, but should not alarm citizens, rather
encouraging them to measure these risks and intervene as soon as possible since many of
these conditions are reversible. Citizens have the opportunity to consult their pharmacist to
assess their metabolic state, in this case at the Quinto pharmacy, and possibly consult their
primary care physician to plan the most appropriate treatments for their condition. It should
be noted that the results of individual tests are known only to the pharmacist (the statistics
are based on a grouping of anonymized data), but they can be shared with one’s doctor.
Genoa Pharmacies plans to extend the availability of the test in other pharmacies in the area
at a regulated cost, so all citizens are invited to participate, thus having the opportunity to
anticipate the onset of serious and chronic diseases.

Prevention as a Useful Tool for the Community
The results of the screenings conducted in the first days of the service are evidence that the
stance of the municipal administration, the availability of the test in the area, and a platform
that quickly facilitates the screening process, are crucial factors in citizen illness prevention.
Primarily beneficial to the quality of life of individuals, screening is a fundamental tool for
the impact on the local and national health system. A precise vision of the citizen’s health
status allows for proactive health communication and planning of service adjustments in the
area. In practice, undergoing a metabolic and cardiovascular check-up is a preventive action
for the benefit of the entire community

“The free metabolic screening offered by Genoa Municipal Pharmacies together with
SoLongevity during the last Silver Economy Forum achieved the goal of intercepting, in a
short period, a significant number of our fellow citizens, guiding them on the path of
prevention for their health protection. In recent years, the Municipality of Genoa, despite
not having specific competence in this area, has launched several significant projects to raise
more awareness about the risks associated with some of the diseases that tend to affect
older subjects. The metabolic screening, now available at the Quinto municipal pharmacy,
represents a very innovative service, the result of a public-private partnership, which I invite
Genoa citizens over 60 to use to be informed about their health conditions and, if necessary,
make all the necessary adjustments to maintain their well-being,” declares Matteo Campora,
Councilor of the Municipality of Genoa with responsibility for directing and controlling
Genoa Pharmacies.
“It’s a great satisfaction for this result, which represents a further demonstration of the
Municipality of Genoa’s attention to the needs of its citizens. Despite healthcare being a
regional responsibility, all the initiatives we are carrying out related to health and overall
well-being of people are a sign of maturity and great attention to the daily life of all citizens
and their health,” adds Luciano Grasso, Health City Manager of the Municipality of Genoa.
“Prevention is fundamental to significantly reduce the onset or development of numerous
diseases. We are very pleased with the citizens’ participation in the event; it was once again
an important signal of how synergies between different entities operating in the health
sector can produce significant results for the protection of the community,” states Marco
Rissoglio, General Director of Genoa Pharmacies.
“We hope that through the pharmacies, citizens find support and assistance that brings
them closer to active illness prevention. Our desire would be to extend the service, and for
this reason, SoLongevity is committed to the dissemination and proposal of such screening
services in Local Areas,” explains Guido Cornettone, CEO and Co-founder of SoLongevity

The Central Role of Longevity Pharmacy®The Longevity Pharmacy® program refers to a new dimension of services dedicated to
citizens, making the independent pharmacy a key player in the emerging field of Longevity
The Longevity Pharmacy® platform, developed by SoLongevity in collaboration with
technical partner ConnectedLife Health Pte, enables pharmacists to offer screening services
useful for preventing the onset of non-communicable chronic diseases.
In addition to metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk screenings, tests for assessing
Long Covid and cognitive difficulties will soon be available in pharmacies.
The Longevity Pharmacy® platform is developed in collaboration with the National
Innovation Center for Aging at the University of Newcastle in England and other research
centers. It is based on medical-scientific evidence that non-communicable chronic diseases
such as diabetes, heart diseases, and neuropathies can be effectively countered if addressed
by intervening at the first symptoms. By measuring and evaluating “altered” physiological
conditions that over time degenerate into pathology, it is possible to devise a strategy for
active prevention, proposed in the Longevity Pharmacy® centred around the pharmacy.

Genoa Municipal Pharmacies
Genoa Municipal Pharmacies take care of citizens’ well-being by listening to their needs,
offering a range of selected products that are as natural, organic, and eco-friendly as
possible, with a deep understanding of their performance to provide qualified consultations,
promoting and developing activities oriented towards prevention and social support.
The aim is to reach the largest number of potential patients and customers with all the tools
that technology provides. The action of Genoa Municipal Pharmacies is aimed at combining
quality and competitiveness, but also at supporting the more vulnerable or those in
difficulty, as preferential intermediaries between the citizen and the Municipality of Genoa
within the scope of their mandate.
The complete list of Genoa Municipal Pharmacies:
Farmacia Comunale Terminal, Piazzale dei Traghetti Iqbal Masih, 13
Farmacia Comunale Vasco De Gama, Via Vasco da Gama, 19 r
Farmacia Comunale Sestri, Via S. Giovanni Battista, 42 r
Farmacia Comunale Cep, Via Cravasco, 22
Farmacia Comunale Fossato, Via S. Bartolomeo del Fossato 209 r
Farmacia Comunale Burlando, Via Burlando, 90 r
Farmacia Comunale Molassana, Via Molassana, 122r
Farmacia Comunale Isonzo, Via Isonzo, 48 r
Farmacia Comunale Quinto, Via Quinto, 30 r

SoLongevity (www.solongevity.com), an acronym for Science of Longevity, is among the most
innovative and advanced players in Italy in the field of longevity medicine. Founded in 2018,
it operates in the longevity sector by studying the mechanisms of aging and working on the
development of an innovative diagnostic approach, physiological rejuvenation protocols, and
new nutraceutical formulations in the area of Longevity Medicine. SoLongevity’s ultimate
goal is to transfer the knowledge acquired in the field of cellular aging to clinical reality, to
increase the possibility for everyone to live a long and healthy life. SoLongevity is the only
Italian company to become part of the National Innovation Center for Aging (NICA) in the
UK; it also relies on a network of collaborations with research hubs and major universities
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ConnectedLife Health (www.connectedlife.io) is a data-based health and wellness platform
that leverages the adoption of smart health devices (wearable and implantable – consumer
and medical level HealthTech), analysis, and AI, to provide personalized and continuously
connected digital solutions, from health screening and risk assessment to remote
monitoring, care planning, and behaviour and lifestyle modification tools, supporting
individual and population health and wellness management.

Patient information is safeguarded in accordance with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, and the code of medical ethics regulations by the Medical Council of India. In addition to self-logged symptoms and care regime compliance, the wellness and health data made available to Apollo HomeCare through ConnectedLife’s clinician dashboard included oxygen saturation (SpO2), breathing rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, sleep (including deep, REM and restlessness), and activity levels. Data collected was benchmarked against conventional methods for cost effectiveness, comfort, compliance, and ease of use of wearable devices; as well as the accuracy and usefulness of the wellness and health vitals data gathered.

ConnectedLife’s algorithm triages COVID-19 positive patients for clinicians based on the symptoms and vitals, so attention was focused on where it was needed most thereby helping Apollo HomeCare improve the productivity of their nurses and clinicians, and relieve pressures placed on healthcare service providers during the pandemic.

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