We revolutionize the way chronic conditions are managed, so people living with them can focus on what truly matters and regain the freedom to live the way they want to live.

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What We Do

Using advanced sensor technology, IoT and cutting-edge AI, ConnectedLife solutions promotes keeping well, getting well and aging well. Our Wellness platform and scoring system help motivate users such as the worried well and company workforces, optimize their health and detect health risks early. The ConnectedCare and SpecialistCare platforms provide new and improved ways for those with chronic conditions, acute and specialised needs, and their caregivers and healthcare professionals, to detect, monitor, and manage their care plans collaboratively; so that treatments can be better personalised to prevent unnecessary side effects and adverse events; all with the aim to enhance their QOL (quality of life).

Wellness Solution and Population Health Management

ConnectedLife’s Wellness solution is data-driven; centres around the Wellness Score, and motivates users to initiate and sustain positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. Motivational tools include nudges towards healthy behaviours, and challenges to partake in to increase their Wellness Score positively. An Enterprise module for employers is available and plays a positive role in employees’ wellbeing.

Health Screening and Risk Assessment

ConnectedLife’s Population Health Screening and Risk Assessment tools for pharmacies, GPs (and available for employers), utilize population health data, digital clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs) and health vitals that can be routinely assessed remotely. A series of risk models have been developed to assess population health risks and identify those in need of further referral, assessment or advice.

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