Population Health Management


Population Health Management

Data-driven Population Health Management to Improve Health

And Well-being

ConnectedLife’s approach to promoting population health management is equipped to address the health needs of larger groups of individuals, enabling proactive interventions and health promotion efforts at a broader scale. By leveraging advanced sensor technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), ConnectedLife collects real-time data from various devices & wearables. This data can provide valuable insights into users’ health and behaviors, enabling more proactive and personalized interventions. The Wellness & Wellness Plus platforms and scoring system serve as motivational tools for users, and company workforces that encourages individuals to take charge of their well-being and proactively manage their health. The customised Wellness plans assures that treatments and interventions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. This approach can lead to more effective and efficient healthcare, reducing unnecessary side effects and adverse events.

By combining IoT, AI, and a focus on personalization, ConnectedLife’s solutions provide a holistic and forward-thinking approach to healthcare. The use of data-driven insights and advanced technology can lead to transformative changes in how individuals manage their health and how healthcare is delivered, ultimately resulting in better outcomes and improved QOL.

What We Do?

Data Collection & Analysis

Wellness and Population Health Management

ConnectedLife’s Wellness is data-driven; centres around the Wellness Score, and motivates users to initiate and sustain positive lifestyle and behavioural changes. Gathering and analyzing data from various sources to gain insights into the health status and needs of the population. The application identifies individuals within the population who are at higher risk of developing health issues or experiencing adverse outcomes. This helps target interventions and resources more effectively.


Health Screening and Risk Stratification

ConnectedLife’s Population Health Screening and Risk Assessment tools for pharmacies, GPs (and available for employers), utilize population health data, digital clinical outcome assessments (eCOAs) and health vitals that can be routinely assessed remotely. A series of risk models have been developed to assess population health risks and identify those in need of further referral, assessment or advice.


Wellness and Prevention Programs

Implementing programs that promote healthy behaviors and preventive measures within the population, such as vaccination campaigns, smoking cessation programs, and health education initiatives. Connectedlife utilizing health IT tools, such as electronic health records, and mobile health applications, to facilitate communication, data sharing, and remote monitoring.


ConnectedLife’s Application Suite

ConnectedLife engaging and empowering individuals to actively participate in their own health management through education, communication, and shared decision-making. Our unique technology stack is highly generalised, configurable and can be customized to fit specific purposes and medical conditions. The technology can be rapidly reconfigured, with symptoms tested and hardened, and solutions brought to market. Our application suite is built to easily pair with free-living wearable devices, so people with chronic conditions, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals can detect, monitor, and access therapy objectively.


Objective Symptom Measurement for Patients with Parkinson’s

ConnectedLife has ongoing clinical studies with the National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore to develop an objective measurement of specific Parkinson’s symptoms and test if a cost-effective IMU sensor can be suitable for continuous Parkinson’s Disease monitoring.


User Engagement, Collaboration & Partnerships

ConnectedLife working collaboratively with healthcare providers, community organizations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to address the social, economic, and environmental factors that influence population health. To support Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific’s commitment in empowering users on blood-thinning therapy to consistently monitor the effectiveness of their treatments and prevent unnecessary side-effects, ConnectedLife has developed an innovative solution that combines a mobile app, a management dashboard, and cloud services for Roche Coaguchek® INRange system. The app allows users to automatically and securely transmit self-monitoring information to hospitals and healthcare professionals.


Delivering Immutable Data Lineage and Provenance Records

ConnectedLife has independently partnered with Microsoft and Datacraft, leveraging their technologies to transform the way we deploy and account for our advance applications. Through Microsoft Azure Marketplace, our solutions can be deployed as a managed application in the organization’s own Azure subscription. With Datacraft, ConnectedLife provides fully traceable, integrated digital supply chain and AI services. This powerful pairing ensures that the organization has full control, custodianship and accountability of the application and data.