Robust & Comprehensive Solution to Support Your

Digital Health Program

ConnectedLife is an advanced digital solutions for individuals & population health and wellness management. We’re unifying and simplifying the health and wellbeing journey through invoking advanced Clinical AI tools. We brings together medical, behavioural and lifestyle care, for a holistic, personalised solution that works for Enterprises.

How It Works?

The ConnectedLife platform can provide digital care continuously by dynamically monitoring risk and helping change patient behavior

ConnectedLife Stories

Introducing a Digital Health Program Powered by Fitbit to work towards better overall health

The vision behind this program is essential for both clinicians and patients to spend more time focusing on better lifestyle habits to identify any symptoms of chronic diseases at an early stage.

Result Proven Solutions

With Advanced AI tools, our application is capable of generating valuable data-driven insights from user information & behaviors. These insights can help Support Team derive clinical outcomes & make informed decisions & develop evidence-based strategies.

Protecting user data is a top priority. The integration of advanced Clinical AI tools indicates a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for medical applications. AI enhances timely intervention & data management, leading to more efficient and accurate healthcare delivery.

A simple, well-designed platform that encourage greater adoption & utilization for seamless data exchange between different healthcare systems. Our interoperability solutions enable smooth communication & data sharing among various healthcare applications, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem.


ConnectedLife prioritizes user data management with a focus on custodianship, security, and control


Data owners and custodians can maintain full custodianship, security and control of the data and integrate it into their data management systems as required, without prior knowledge of cloud infrastructure or related expertise.

Data for Good

ConnectedLife understands that thoughtful application of data analytics and artificial intelligence can greatly enhance protection and care for you and your loved ones.


Our technology provides solutions that intersect data science, care for rapidly aging societies and rising chronic conditions. We offer user-friendly and reliable tools to collect and organize living and health data, providing users, their caregivers and healthcare professionals insights and platforms for early intervention and holistic care.

Advanced Tooling for Better Care

Detailed User Analysis

Get real time and longitudinal data on user’s vitals, allowing the greater insight over their health status and progress.

Key Differentiator:

  1. Intelligent Personalisation and Easy to access applications
  2. Dynamic risk assessments, Real-time insights and analytics
  3. Flexible Integration Framework, configurable program
  4. Continuous remote monitoring and access to Health Coach

Care For Users Undergoing Total Knee Replacement Surgery

ConnectedLife has a lasting relationship with Johnson & Johnson and has been advancing the application of IoT devices, including consumer wearable technologies such as the range of smart health watches and trackers to healthcare needs.