Wellness Plus

Chronic Conditions Management

Wellness Plus

Chronic Conditions Management

The solution for users and Support teams to monitor and manage chronic conditions

Wellness Plus is designed as a comprehensive solution for chronic condition management, leveraging AI and cognitive behavioral science to promote positive lifestyle changes. By providing personalized wellness plans and real-time insights, the platform can enhance engagement and foster better health outcomes for users. Powered by AI, the data platform of Wellness Plus can collect and analyze a wide range of biomarkers and health data.Wellness Plus aims to make health data more accessible to users and support teams. By providing easy access to relevant health information, individuals and their healthcare providers can make better-informed decisions regarding chronic condition management. By integrating cognitive behavioral science principles, Wellness Plus can effectively educate, engage, and inspire users to adopt new and healthy habits.

Supports primary care users with early stage through to chronic health conditions

Risk assessment & 24/7 monitoring of wellness data by cross functional support team

Do Wellness Plus Programs Better With Our Dynamic Tools By Keeping Engaged & Active

Tailored exercise regimens and dietary assessments aid chronic condition management 

What We Do?

Chronic Condition Management

The Wellness Plus allows users to enhance their health metrics by capturing new data sources to layer onto existing medical data. Our dynamic solution safely and securely captures health, lifestyle and behavioral data for a truly 360° user view. Gain real-time insight into each user to drive tailored health solutions.Users are able to capture and monitor Fitbit data and self-logged metrics such as BP, Lipid, HbA1C, HRV, HR, SpO2, temperature, sleep, exercise and activity to the platform. Aggregate data helps identify at-risk populations and health trends for improved, proactive care.

Personal Wellness Plan

The solution offers multi-organ evaluation using  AI-enabled risk scores. A customised Wellness Plan designed for individuals based on risk assessment comprising screening, vaccination and chronic condition management. The platform assigns a health coaches for regular reminders and guidance to stay on track.

Monitoring & Assessing Users

The platform offers timely intervention through regular monitoring to enable place-based care. Dedicated health coaches can, with advanced sensor technology, regularly monitor user’s health parameters, manage their treatment plans, and prevent the worsening of conditions and diseases from developing streamline 24/7 customer care.


Wellness Plus deliver the right information, to the right person, at the right time to improve care for better user outcomes. Powered by advanced data and analytics, our dynamic wellness score provide real-time health and risk scores.

Wellness Plus Feature

Wellness Plus Solution Can Be Fully White-Labelled

Solution can be tailored to mirror your brand guidelines. From colourways, to logos to imagery, it can reflect your brand image and personality.

Measurable results to improve the lives of Users



Hospital Admission Rate

Support users throughout their wellness journey with more touchpoint, without the cost of additional hospital visit



New User Engagement

Personalised care based on real-time data translate upto 70% engagement rate of referred / identified health conditions users



Evidence-based outcome

Over a quarter of transition users promoted to conservative care from chronic condition to improve outcomes

*Note: The statistical information provided is based on responses collected through the Digital Health Survey conducted in 2022. The purpose of sharing this data is to provide insights into trends and perceptions related to digital health practices during that specific period. While wearable devices hold promise in minimising hospital costs through improved monitoring, preventive care, and data-driven decision making, the implementation and outcomes may vary. Readers are advised to interpret the statistics within the context of the survey’s scope, methodology, and limitations.


Powering Proactive & Personalised User Care

Take personalized healthcare to the next level with access to evidence-based data designed to provide efficient healthcare solutions to every user. Wellness Plus promotes patient adherence to therapy and provides care teams access to a broad range of health, wellness and activity data; allowing them to work closely with their patients to manage their conditions, detect health risks, and preventing the worsening of conditions and potential diseases from developing.

Unique and dynamic wellness score as a motivational tool to drive behavior change

The wellness score provides insights into an individual’s well-being and potential health risks, to help improve health outcomes

Positive and negative contributors to score

Data is integrated from Fitbit, vital signs monitoring devices and self-logged data to highlight areas of concerns based on peer-reviewed Hazard Ratios

Detailed breakdown of individual parameters allow for users to take action to improve their wellness scores

Users are given a reference range for each parameter from when they onboarded to target ranges based on long-term wellness indicators


Wellness Score Gives An Actionable Insights To Make Informed Decisions

Our single, innovative Wellness Score enables users to better understand and proactively manage their overall health through a simple dynamic score to minimise future risks and maximise health. Each score is unique and changes based on what you do everyday.

Wellness Score motivates users to initiate positive and sustained behaviour change building on Fitbit’s four pillar behaviour change model:


Remote Monitoring & User Engagement

A dedicated 24/7 Customer Service helps monitor users for improved proactive care.

  • A set of clinicians manage each patient cohort based on risk profile
  • The PSO team secures a care plan for sending out ‘reminders’, ‘follow-up’ actions, ‘scheduling’ of medications & exercise
  • In event of a health emergency, the  remote care team alerts the clinicians and transition to hospital care  is seamless
  • The patient is discharged earlier from hospital to recover in the comfort of their home
  • Improved health outcomes by enabling users to be connected to their care team and proactively engaged in managing their health

Authenticate Clock Face

Drive patient outcomes on a digitally connected wearable device

The smartwatch device integrations enable users to connect their favourite wearable and app to sync automatically for a seamless and secure tracking experience. ConnectedLife Clock Faces for Fitbit smartwatches enable the logging of exercise, symptoms, discomfort, medication and health vitals . It track activity and increase productivity in real-time.

The Clock Face can provide relevant Notifications and Confirmations to help keep a track on recovery.


Build An Empowering Culture That Lead To A Healthier & Productive Workforce

Wellness challenges are an excellent way to develop new healthy habits across the entire spectrum of wellness workplace.

Our Wellness platform delivers a customisable and complete wellness program to support employees in their wellness journey. We’ve helped many enterprises with our flexible platform that easily adapts—even in times of great change—to employees’ unique and evolving needs. We assist corporates on wellbeing of the workforce by keeping them engaged and active with our end-to-end challenges.

Key Features of Wellness Plus

A Simple way to monitor users remotely

Frequently Asked Questions

In the “Patients” panel, you will be able to see an overview of all the patients under you. Users are arranged by alert level severity, with the users displaying the highest alert type at the top of the list.

Each user has their own detailed page that you can view to see details on a more individual level. Features such as geolocation, medication adherence and schedule would be under the individual patient page.

The Key Parameter column displays a summary of the patient’s health condition and improvement. You can view the details of the patient’s self-reported conditions by hovering your cursor over the dot.

Different colours of the numbers will help you to identify if the numbers are within/outside the normal range; green being within the normal range, red being outside the normal range.

Different direction of the arrows will help you to identify if the condition is in a good trend or bad trend. Arrow pointing up shows improving condition, arrow pointing down shows worsening condition.

The Overall Compliance column displays a summary of the patient’s daily schedule adherence. You can view the detailed schedule of the patient by hovering your cursor over the dot.

Different colours of the numbers will help you to identify if the percentage is in a good or bad range. Green being range of 61%-100%, yellow being 41%-60%, orange being 21%-40%, red being 0%-20%.

In the Patient overview page you can select the patients that you want to send a message to and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the broadcast message feature

The watch icon next to a metric represents data that is collected from the patient’s Fitbit device.

Clicking the box icon in the right hand corner of a metric will expand the metric to provide more detailed information.

The Wellness Score has been designed to be used as a motivational tool to improve one’s health and wellness. It also serves as an alert, highlighting any health issues.

The wellness data is retrieved from the activities recorded via the Fitbit device and the information the patient enters from their schedule screen.

Each sector on the chart represents one parameter that contributes to the Wellness Score. The colours marked on the sectors will help you identify the parameters that need to be addressed on priority. They range from orange being critical, to green reflecting good condition.

Yes, The ranges set by default are reference ranges used as an general marker. Depending on the patient, you can adjust the target values.

In the Analysis section, click the three dots on the right hand side of the wellness score to edit targets, the targets page will open and you can adjust the value for individual metrics.

Based on the day’s overview and the analysis report, you can administer a schedule for the user.

Apart from medication, the schedule also allows you to set reminders for staying hydrated, reporting symptoms at specific times per day, or to exercise and rest.

These reminders are set in place to help nudge the user to perform the required logs. These logs will help the user better track the development of their symptoms and help you better understand how they are progressing in their recovery.

Yes, you can upload documents for the patient and allow them to view the documents through the application. The patients can also upload documents for your review and storage.

On the right side of the dashboard, there is a refresh icon. Please click this button to refresh the dashboard and refresh the data shown.

Please avoid using the browser refresh button as this can cause the dashboard to log you out of your account.

We require your Fitbit ID and authorization in order to sync your fitbit wearable data with our dashboard and application to provide a complete and centralized experience through our platform.

As long as you have data services available, it will take only a few seconds to sync your data to your Fitbit app.

It takes 15 minutes to update the ConnectedLife app with the latest Fitbit data

Yes, syncing daily allows for the platform to provide you with up-to-date scores and information for yourself and your care team.

Yes, syncing daily allows for the platform to provide you with up-to-date scores and information for yourself and your care team.

Please follow the instructions below to reestablish your connection to the Fitbit app

*Step by Step Instructions on how to Log Out/In of the ConnectedCare app*

1) Click into the ConnectedCare App.
2) Select “Profile” located at the bottom right-hand corner.
3) Select “Logout” located at the bottom of the screen.
4) Click “Logout”.
5) Click “Log in” at the bottom of the screen.
6) Click “Continue” to allow login
7) Enter your “login credentials” email address and password.
8) Check “Allow All” data to be collected/shared with Fitbit (Only Specific Phone models might have this step) & Click “Allow”
8) Login successful.
9) Click “Agree & Continue” (Only Specific Phone models might have this step)


There is a feature within the app that uses background location consistently, I believe that this is the reason that the app is consistently running. This feature is a specific feature for cohorts under quarantine (a COVID quarantine usage for example) or patients with dementia. The feature is used to geofence users and alert their care teams when they stray out of geofenced locations.
To switch off the location features please follow these steps:
ConnectedLife App
Go to Profile
Select My Profile
Switch off Geolocation Address
Switch off share your location

iPhone Settings
Location Services
CL ConnectedCare
Select Never

Restart the app.
Close the app and remove from background running.

The ConnectedLife app is available for download from Apple iTunes and Android Google Play Store.

You can contact support.data@connectedlife.wpenginepowered.com or 9145 1576 to request access to your personal data. You are required to submit evidence of your identity for verification purposes before the request can be processed.

We reserve the right to refuse to provide you access to the personal data in the case of exceptions as stated in the Fifth Schedule of the PDPA.

The Wellness Score, calculated using scientifically validated hazard ratios and established risk factors, utilizes Fitbit data, self-logged metrics, inputs from vital signs monitoring and AI tools to provide details of an individual’s health and wellness aspects.
A message is available together with the Wellness Score to let you know how you fare as compared to others in the same demographic group as yours. Should your Wellness Score deviate substantially from those in your demographic group, you will be alerted by this message.

It is updated as soon as data is synced.