Introducing Wellness Challenges

Empowering Workplace Wellness

Introducing Wellness Challenges

Empowering Workplace Wellness

Wellness Challenges

Build an Empowering Culture that lead to a Healthier & Productive Workforce

Wellness challenges are an excellent way to develop new healthy habits across the entire spectrum of wellness workplace.

Our Wellness platform delivers a customisable and complete wellness program to support employees in their wellness journey. We’ve helped many enterprises with our flexible platform that easily adapts—even in times of great change—to employees’ unique and evolving needs. We assist corporates on wellbeing of the workforce by keeping them engaged and active with our end-to-end challenges.

With over 50 uniques challenges to choose from, plus the ability to create new challenges on the fly, Wellness platform helps corporates configure their wellness program to fit the goals and achieve workplace wellness & build positive lifestyle habits.

All our challenges are inclusive for people with disability to walk by switching off steps (walking and running). Our wellness platform offers a user interface accessible via mobile app, easy integration with smartwatches, and free wellness coaching.

Move It, Shake It

Step Up

Feel good every day with every single step taken towards the healthy lifestyle. This step-based challenge aims at those who are yet to make exercise a habit.

Daily 30

With this challenges you can watch your productivity as you get 30 minutes of daily exercise.

Jump Start

Have you fallen off the exercise wagon? What better than a 3-week challenge to get you back on track!

Fall into Fitness

Ramp Up

Following the Build Up Challenge, Ramp up is aimed at making exercise a permanent fixture in your calendar! After completing this challenge you will be ready to tackle even more intensive challenges.

Build Up

This challenge follows on from our Step up Challenge and aims at embedding exercise into your routine. It will start to push you to complete more exercise.

Get Fit Keep Fit

Staying fit is the pathway to a healthy lifestyle. This challenge aims to focus on diet, exercise, stress level, mood, sleep and disease management.

Feel Good

Relaxation Week

Take a week out of your busy schedule to focus on your body and mind with this challenge. Stress can negatively affect our health and this week can help us to slow down and nourish our body and mind.

Refresh & Rejuvenate

This challenge aims to help everyone to feel happy, contented and relaxed at workplace and empower participants to release stress, connect positively with one another and feel transformed for the better.

Sleep Well

A good sleep is the foundation of our well-being. This challenge aims to improving your sleep habits with well plan healthy bedtime routine that can improve your sleep for good.

Healthy Eating

Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

Reducing sugar intake, increasing dietary fibre, getting enough sleep and completing the right type of exercise can reduce our risk of type 2 diabetes.  This challenge is helping you start making habits that have a lifetime effect on your health!

Detox Diet

Reboot your system and boost your metabolism with meal plans. This challenge aims to reset and kick start good dietary habits for a better body and mind.

Inner Boost

Unleash your inner power with this challenge. This aims to transform your body, mind and spirit with simple, achievable goals and boosting your inner strength to act upon for better well-being.

Stress Buster

Boost Your Productivity

A mental well-being improves workplace productivity. This challenge aim to build a culture of healthier workplace by encouraging  workforce to adopt well balanced diet, destress activities and to adopt healthier habits into their lifestyle.

Healthy Heart Healthy Mind

A healthy mind is key to your overall well-being. This challenge aims to balance your mental and physical health by adopting heart-healthy habits, like exercise, nutrition and meditation to your daily routine.

Happy Hormones

Reboot your system and boost your metabolism with meal plans. This challenge aims to reset and kick start good dietary habits for a better body and mind.

Stamina Upgrade

Strong People Stay Strong

Muscles and bones need to keep being challenged to stay strong. Adding resistance training to your routine can set you up for the years ahead. This challenge aims to start or restart strength training as part of your everyday fitness regime

Climb Your Mount Everest

This challenge helps to prepare your body for your next hiking adventure.

Walk to the Moon

Improve your stamina to run to moon with this challenge. It helps to prepare your body for a planned run or a track in 4 weeks.

BENEFITS OF Wellness Solution

Track, engage and motivate better well being with Wellness Solution