Solutions Rooted In
Clinical Research Collaborations

Solutions Rooted in Clinical Research Collaborations

Dedicated to improving the quality of life of patients with chronic conditions, we are committed to funding and collaborating on research that supports the advancement of free-living, consumer-friendly devices to monitor symptoms, disease progression and the development of personalized treatments.

Care for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

ConnectedLife partners with National Cancer Centre of Singapore in a study to help patients in the management of symptoms arising from cancer treatment.

Care for patients undergoing Total Knee Replacement surgery

ConnectedLife has a lasting relationship with Johnson & Johnson and has been advancing the application of IoT devices, including consumer wearable technologies such as the range of smart health watches and trackers to healthcare needs.

NHS Charli (Cardiovascular Health Application and Real Life Integration)

The programme is based on research carried out at the Western Health & Social Care Trust by Dr Susan Connolly and her team, showing that it can reduce the risk for heart attack or stroke.

A Scalable Solution to Ease Pandemic Pressure off Healthcare Systems

In October 2020 through to January 2021 ConnectedLife and Apollo HomeCare undertook a pilot to evaluate the feasibility of using wearables to remotely monitor COVID-19 positive patients who were either asymptomatic or displaying mild symptoms.

Remote INR Monitoring for Patients with heart conditions

ConnectedLife and Roche collaborate to further empower patients with chronic heart conditions to self-monitor via trusted and secure data sharing

Metabolic Syndrome screening with ConnectedLife and SoLongevity

ConnectedLife and SoLongevity collaborate to identify at risk patient using a novel digital screening platform