NHS Charli (Cardiovascular Health Application and Real Life Integration)

Charli (Cardiovascular Health Application and Real Life Integration)

The programme is based on research carried out at the Western Health & Social Care Trust by Dr Susan Connolly and her team, showing that it can reduce the risk for heart attack or stroke.


It has been designed especially for patients living with, or at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. The programme has already reached over 600 patients with 90% of them completing the programme.

Clinical improvements shown after the 10 week programme:

•halving of smoking rates

•reduction in central obesity

•average weight loss of 2.2kg

•increased adherence to a Mediterranean diet

•trebling of fruit & vegetable intake

•doubling of active minutes & increases in fitness level

•90% of patients achieving BP & cholesterol targets

•reduced anxiety and depression.



The delivery of this programme, done remotely and in healthcare settings, is being supported by ConnectedLife’s ConnectedCare platform and Fitbit devices.

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