by ConnectedLife


Connected Devices, Apps, Cloud Systems, Systems Integration

We revolutionize the way chronic conditions are managed, by helping patients, appointed caregivers and physicians to make insightful decisions and improve health outcomes.

Using advanced sensor technology, internet-of-things and cutting-edge AI, ConnectedLife solutions provide people with chronic conditions, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals new and improved ways to detect, monitor, and provide therapy for chronic conditions. Treatments can then be better personalised, adverse events can be more effectively prevented, all with the aim to enhance quality of life.

Our unique technology stack is highly modular, and can be customized to fit specific purposes, and a variety of medical conditions from Congestive Heart Failure, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, to Alzheimer’s, and ADHD. Our COVID-19 solution with Fitbit, launched in a matter of months, is an example of how our technology can be rapidly reconfigured, tested, hardened, and brought to market.

With ConnectedLife’s capabilities to provide a sophisticated end-to-end solution for AI analytics and data handling, we see the potential to work with an ecosystem of specialists, researchers, and academic partners to drive medical breakthroughs. They can leverage the same sensor data as input, and develop scientific and clinical validated health and medical algorithms for a variety of conditions.


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