Health Screening &
Risk Management


Health Screening & Risk Management

Assessing population health risks and detecting early signs and symptoms of diseases

ConnectedLife has partnered with various leading research institutions and healthcare organizations globally to develop and validate AI & risk assessment tools that can provide insights into population health. These tools can easily be delivered to an individual on their mobile device, tablet or laptop. They can also be administered in primary care at a clinic, GP practice or pharmacy as well as at the workplace.

What We Do?


Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools currently cover:

These models can assess population health risks and identify those in need of further referral, assessment or advice.


Example Risk Assessment Tool

Novel assessment of cognition that takes into account the level of expected cognitive ability for someone of a similar education, employment and lifestyle/hobbies. An individualised normal level can then be set as the baseline for daily testing, to pick up minor changes in cognition that could be clinically relevant for an individual.