The Change We Bring

We are the leaders in the application of motor state diagnostics to digital, mobile, sensor and AI technologies. At ConnectedLife, we are immersed in clinical research, data science, and product development. We have two simple objectives — improving the quality of life of people with chronic conditions and transforming the patient-clinician care assessment.

Our solutions pair with off-the-shelf consumer wearable devices, allowing caregivers to access free living, objective and longitudinal data, to monitor symptoms, disease progression and develop a personalised treatment response.

At ConnectedLife, we help people live their lives with ease, while being connected to quality patient care and compliance at their fingertips.

Be connected. Live well. Enjoy life.

How ConnectedLife Started

We first took root in Singapore in 2012 as a Corporate Social Responsibility programme donating refurbished smartphones installed with the Silverline App, to underserved and isolated Older Adults in the community. These activities eventually developed into a comprehensive smart home technology and 24/7 personal assistance service, to support the independent living needs of an ageing population.

Since then, we have evolved and applied our technology to confront critical health problems through the application of IoT, Cloud and AI technology. We continued to invest in research on how IoT and wearable devices can be used as medical interventions. As we focused on motor state diagnostics, we realised the immense potential in remote monitoring for chronic conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, Orthopaedic complications and Heart insufficiency. During 2018-2019, we released the first generation of applications, in conjunction with clinical research collaborations.

At the beginning of 2020, it was clear that our product development paths were diverging in terms of research development and operations. We decided to hone in on the application of our unique technology stack, re-purposing it for a variety of conditions, thus forming a separate entity – ConnectedLife Health Pte Ltd. You can find more information on our smart home technology and 24/7 personal assistance service here.

As recently as the summer of 2020, we received our first software-as-medical-device (SaMD) manufacturing license for our advanced application of AI to the revolutionary field of motor state estimation for Parkinson’s Disease. It is this deep knowledge of end-to-end application delivery that has enabled us to effectively pivot and respond to the global pandemic in a timely manner.

Our Promise

We want to give back to charitable organizations, such as Red Cross, Adventist Home for the Elders, Lions Befrienders, and Willing Hearts that helped us pave the way in our early days. These organizations have worked alongside us and provided us with valuable access and useful insights to fine-tune ConnectedLife into a solution that will meet people’s needs.

As part of our charity program, we provide our products and services at no or heavily subsidized cost to organizations that care for isolated and under-served Older Adults. We hope for every hundred ConnectedLife customers, we can help at least five other Older Adults in real need. This way, everyone can stand to benefit from our work. It is our way to say thank you.

Who We Are

Our Executive Leadership team has demonstrated success with experience in managing Fortune 500 companies and building and scaling start-ups. At the heart of it all is a common desire to leverage technology for good, for the benefit of our loved ones. Our aim is to keep our technology affordable and accessible to all, at the price of no more than a cup of coffee a day.

  • Daryl Arnold

    Chief Executive Officer

  • James Grant Wetherill


  • Parag Kudtarkar


  • Naing Maw


  • Tomasz George

    Chief Scientific Officer

Join Our Team

Present in Singapore, UK, Australia and Canada, ConnectedLife is made up of dynamic individuals who are experts in the fields of devices, health, engineering, design, analytics AI and more. We are unified by the common vision that doing good is good business. Want to join us?


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