As recently as the summer of 2020, we received our first software-as-medical-device (SaMD) manufacturing license for our advanced application of AI to the revolutionary field of motor state estimation for Parkinson’s Disease. It is this deep knowledge of end-to-end application delivery that has enabled us to effectively pivot and respond to the global pandemic in

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At the beginning of 2020, it was clear that our product development paths were diverging in terms of research development and operations. We decided to hone in on the application of our unique technology stack, re-purposing it for a variety of conditions, thus forming a separate entity – ConnectedLife Health Pte Ltd. You can find

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Since then, we have evolved and applied our technology to confront critical health problems through the application of IoT, Cloud and AI technology. We continued to invest in research on how IoT and wearable devices can be used as medical interventions. As we focused on motor state diagnostics, we realised the immense potential in remote

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We first took root in Singapore in 2012 as a Corporate Social Responsibility programme donating refurbished smartphones installed with the Silverline App, to underserved and isolated Older Adults in the community. These activities eventually developed into a comprehensive smart home technology and 24/7 personal assistance service, to support the independent living needs of an ageing

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