UI/UX Developer


ConnectedLife’s digital health solutions Connect the Care Continuum; reinventing the way global organisations connect with the people they care about to continuously plan, manage, monitor and help improve their health and wellbeing; wherever they are; 24-7-365.

Our powerful data-driven solutions combine advanced sensory, analytics, AI and communications technologies – including consumer-friendly wearables (such as Fitbit’s smart health watches and trackers), IoT / medical devices (including biosensor patches), smartphone mobile apps and customisable web dashboards – to capture and analyse user activity, health vitals and wellness data and enable care teams to collaborate seamlessly and work together with patients to better manage their health and wellbeing based on their unique risks, health status and wellness goals.


ConnectedLife is looking for an individual to join us in the role of UI / UX Developer. You will work with members of the Product team in Singapore and be responsible for developing and driving design solutions (process flows, sketches, scenarios, wireframes, navigation models, visual design, interactive prototypes) for mobile, wearable device applications, data visualisation for web dashboard.

You will take an active and hands-on role in supporting the product creation and development teams. This includes responsibility for maintaining the design system, updating the website and product manuals along with providing assistance with any kind of brand/product supportive artworks required. You will be reporting to the Chief Product Officer based in Singapore.

Our ideal candidate is a team player who thrives in a small, dynamic team environment and is able to work independently, whether in the office or remotely from home. You will be committed, energetic and proactive. You’ll also love creating innovative solutions, solving problems, and feel passionate about wanting your work to make a difference.


  • Develop and conceptualise a comprehensive UI / UX design strategy
  • Ability to understand, gather UI / UX requirements, and translate briefs to come up with unique and innovative solutions
  • Craft user stories, personas, storyboards, and flows from requirements
  • Ideate and design information architecture, wireframes, visual design, interactive prototypes, and supporting design documentation
  • Participate in brainstorming and workshops with teams
  • Work and efficiently communicate with multiple teams and work streams
  • Create UI designs (Visual Design) for web, mobile and wearable device applications
  • Ideate and create responsive data visualisation assets for clinician web dashboards
  • Explore various design approaches to solve specific user problems
  • Implement the latest design innovations to ensure that the product is in accordance with cutting-edge technology
  • Optimise UI designs and tests for intuitiveness and user-centeredness
  • Conduct usability testing to identify gaps in design and see if they can be improved upon
  • Create graphical representations for website and marketplace imagery
  • Create gifs, videos, 3D visuals for use within the applications as required


  • You will have a minimum of 1 to 3+ years of experience in creating delightful and meaningful experiences: visual design, user interfaces, large scale websites, and applications with a strong portfolio
  • Experienced in visual design, usability testing, wireframing, and prototyping with various tools and UX methodologies
  • Proficient knowledge in using design tools such as Figma, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop or Affinity products
  • Knowledge of motion graphics, video & 3D visual development software like Premiere Pro & 3D Max would be advantageous
  • Knowledge of Jira & Confluence is preferred but not mandatory
  • Basic understanding of code and technical possibilities is preferred
  • Knowledge of working on slides / presentations with strong communication skills, both written and oral and able to articulate and defend design decisions


We are hiring immediately. (Full-time)
Please send us your CV / Resume, and inform us of your current employment status (including type of work pass: Epass, Dependent pass, Singaporean, PR, etc.), and your expected salary. Send to Parag Kudtarkar at

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