• Top 5 Senior-friendly Travel Destinations in Asia

Thinking about travelling overseas with your parents? Intergenerational travel provides the perfect opportunity to share some amazing experiences with your family. Whether you’re exploring foreign cities, lazing by the pool or indulging in exotic delicacies, travelling with your parents is one of the best ways to strengthen the family bond.

The only question is: where will you go?

Safety, accessibility and good medical infrastructure are all important factors to keep in mind when it comes to travelling with your parents. We’ve rounded up five of our favourite Asian cities that are perfect holiday destinations for older adults.

Taipei, Taiwan

A sensory adventure for travellers of all ages, Taiwan’s capital is the perfect place to take your parents. A melting pot of cultures, evidence of the city’s Chinese, Japanese and American influences can be seen in the architecture, landmarks and tantalising food that characterise the city. Taipei is wonderfully accessible thanks to its wide sidewalks, the ubiquity of wheelchair-friendly elevators and a reliable MRT system, which is less crowded than many others in the other region. In addition, many of the city’s most notable sights – Longshan Temple, CKS Memorial Hall and Shilin Night Market, to name but three – are easy to access and can be explored at a leisurely pace.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the gateway city to Angkor, a complex of temples spanning some 400 square kilometres. Here, you’ll find dozens of jaw-dropping temples dating back to the 12th century, including Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon and many others. Clambering over ruins can be physically demanding, but many of the sights don’t need to be climbed to be appreciated. The terraces of Angkor Thom, for instance, can be easily accessed and enjoyed by travellers of all ages. Back in the city, unwind with a massage, try the local cuisine and test your negotiating skills in one of the thriving night markets.

Seoul, South Korea

Technologically advanced yet steeped in traditional culture, Seoul is a fantastic holiday destination for older adults. From the National Museum of Contemporary Art to the enchanting Seoul Forest and everything in between, the city is packed with all sorts of tourist sites that are guaranteed to impress. For a memorable experience, consider taking your parents to one of the city’s many hot spring health spas, have a traditional tea ceremony or take an authentic food tour.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Despite being the second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai has managed to retain much of its traditional charm. The city is home to a plethora of stunning temples, the most famous being Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, a glittering temple that sits atop a mountain overlooking Chiang Mai. The 300+ step staircase to the top of the mountain may not be suitable for everyone, but thankfully Chiang Mai has a lot more on offer. Explore the old city, visit the Hmong Tribal Village and get up close and personal with some elephants at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary.

Kyoto, Japan

A living testament to Japan’s fascinating past, Kyoto is another great choice of holiday destination for older adults. Dotted throughout the city you’ll find atmospheric temples, traditional teahouses and tranquil gardens waiting to be explored. Some of the most famous sights – including Fushimi Inari-Taisha and Enryaku-ji – do involve some walking, so take your time, pack some refreshments and stop often to rest and breathe in the beauty.

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