• Media Release

    Bio Farma Collaborates with Google Cloud and ‘ConnectedLife with Fitbit’ to Empower Healthier Living and Chronic Disease Prevention Across Indonesia

(4 July 2022) Bio Farma, the parent company of Indonesia’s pharmaceutical state-owned enterprises (SOEs), announced that it is collaborating with Google CloudFitbit, and ConnectedLife on a new digital health initiative called “Preventive Care Medwell,” in support of the government’s “Healthy Indonesia” blueprint and vision. Under this initiative, the organizations have developed “ConnectedLife with Fitbit,” a personalized wellness and population health virtual platform―the first of its kind locally―to empower Indonesians to take decisive steps toward healthier living and chronic disease prevention.

ConnectedLife with Fitbit is built on Google Cloud’s open, scalable, and secure-by-design infrastructure and data services. The platform…

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