COVID-19 Remote Monitoring & Compliance

ConnectedLife releases an end-to-end solution for COVID-19 case remote monitoring, reporting and compliance

This app is tackling COVID-19 now, in a collaboration with application of Microsoft Azure.

ConnectedLife creates a scalable COVID-19 case remote monitoring, reporting and compliance solution to help our population. Optimized for the Fitbit Versa 2 and with emphasis on supporting the needs of healthcare workers, patients and their families, essential workers and community volunteers. Available in Singapore and other selected APAC territories and in Europe and USA in June 2020 (GDPR and HIPPA compliance for Europe and USA by June 2020)

With health and social care professionals stretched and hospital beds vastly short to effectively manage a global pandemic, COVID-19 remote monitoring & compliance is a highly accessible, simple to use solution for unsupervised monitoring in a clinical or home setting that delivers vital signs and case compliance.

  • Patient COVID-19 Clockface Application for the Fitbit Versa family & Fitbit Ionic smart watches enables self-labelling, alerts and confirmations.
  • Patient COVID-19 Mobile Application for iOS and Android for self-labelling, vital signs, medication & wellness schedule and consent to new regimes.
  • Administrator & Clinician COVID-19 Dashboard for monitoring symptom progression including vital signs, medication and wellness compliance including hydration, exercise, rest and location. Prioritizes patients and generates alerts for those displaying risk factors

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