ConnectedLife Health App and Devices

ConnectedLife‘s Health App and Devices collect, analyse and share your health data with appointed caregivers and physicians and help you make insightful decisions and enjoy healthier lives



Our mission at ConnectedLife I Health is to make use of health data from across the world to help patients and clinicians make insightful decisions and enjoy healthier lives. We do this using technology tools that help collect and organize the data, process it with data science applications and through the insights generated, we create interventions and platforms together with healthcare institutions to use for more holistic care management. ConnectedLife’s design principles begin with the user (or condition), aim to simplify and lower care costs but lead on security, transparency and privacy. We believe that providing transparency around the data and personal information you entrust to us is critical to complete that mission.

Our unique Technology Stack allows for the ready integration of multiple health biomarker devices, not limited to glucometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, blood coagulation meter, wrist-worn ECG monitor, thermometer and Fitbit® Ionic smart watch etc. It brings together and organises the data to support 24/7 effective monitoring and management of complex and chronic conditions by users, their families, and physicians.

The ConnectedLife Health application enables users to keep track of their health data and trend their health patterns over time, where alerts will be flagged out to them which are also made available to their families and physicians. There is also the added capability for users to chat with their physicians regarding any health concerns, be reminded of medication needs and organize for appointments.


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