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    Peace of Mind

    Starts Here

    Silently learning and adapting to your daily living patterns in the background to understand the difference between ordinary and unusual activities at home. Put your mind at ease knowing that alert notifications will be sent to your loved ones and community whenever deviations from the norm are detected. ConnectedLife is smart living made simple and seamless.

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    Revolutionizing Healthcare

    Designed with scale and best practices in mind, ConnectedLife helps healthcare organizations stay well-equipped to keep up with the dynamics of business changes driven by needs of an ageing population. With our tailored solution, you can bravely tackle manpower strain, and raise productivity, communication and smooth coordination across care teams.

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    Your Data Marketplace

    ConnectedLife generates valuable data that can enable the planning and decision-making processes of Government agencies and the healthcare, pharmaceutical, property, insurance, and consumer goods and services industries. Transform insights into actions and new services by pairing customized data with business needs.

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    Shed Light on Your Night

    Take a deep dive into the quality of your sleep to understand how long and how well you have slept. Detecting loud noises and motion, you can view the frequency to which you were coughing, snoring, or moving about in the night. Plus you can rest soundly knowing that there’s an added bedside emergency button to help you get help in the early hours of the night. Understand your nights so that you can better run your day – sleep better, feel refreshed.

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Round-the-Clock Peace of Mind At Home and On-the-Go

ConnectedLife has created a brave new world of the home care market that fits into your life seamlessly. It learns your daily living patterns and sends intelligent alerts to your family and approved caregivers. That way, the care and assistance that you need will always be around the corner.

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Connecting you to your family and community

connectedlife data collection

Collecting data that matters from all around your life

connectedlife data analysis

Secured data is analysed to understand you better

connectedlife communication

Your family and approved caregivers are informed of any immediate concerns

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An Effortless Experience

ConnectedLife’s smart home sensing solution is a simple yet sophisticated approach to home care. With plenty of room for flexibility to choreograph the sensors and devices to work together, you can get a comprehensive picture of your overall health and wellness. Installation is quick and we will advise you on where to best place the sensors and devices. With minimal maintenance and strategic communication, you can simply go about your daily activities and let ConnectedLife do the work. Get the most out of our system and create a safer and smarter home for you.